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Sack Brand and Ross

by: Jewtasticcom - Last updated: 2008-10-29

Georgina Baillie called for Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to be sacked

Georgina Baillie called for Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to be sacked


Sachs demands apology

The granddaughter of Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs at the centre of a BBC radio row has confessed to sleeping with controversial comedian Russell Brand.

Brand and TV chatshow host Jonathan Ross provoked outrage by leaving a series of crude phone messages for Sachs, in which they claimed Brand had slept with the actor's granddaughter Georgina Baillie.

Brand has since apologised for the stunt, which was pre-recorded and aired during his show on BBC Radio 2 on 18 October.

But now 23-year-old Baillie has broken her silence on the scandal - lambasting Brand for bragging about their sexual encounters in 2006 to her 78-year-old grandfather.

She told The Sun: "What's funny about humiliating a lovely old man who has never harmed anyone in his life? My grandfather is really upset and says he wants the whole situation to end. It has been awful for him."

And Baillie is contemplating getting the police involved - because she feels "betrayed" by Brand.

She added: "I will be speaking to (my grandfather) to ask whether we should complain to the police and we'll be making the decision as a family. We're very close and I can't tell you how much it hurts to know they were so unkind to such a sweet person. They should at least pay for what they've done with their jobs."

Speaking about her brief relationship with Brand, she added: "It was never going to be a serious relationship but I felt I could trust him as a friend. I haven't seen him since early this year and assumed he was in the past because I've moved on. But now he has done this I feel totally and utterly exposed and betrayed. What happened between us was supposed to be private but he is clearly no gentleman."