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Liverpool Jews

Last updated: 2003-09-03

Liverpool has been home to Jews since the mid 18th century. The current Jewish population is around 3,000 and there is a full range of services on offer to the community.

The following is a list of Synagogues and other communal groups and organisations in the Liverpool area as well as information on places that sell kosher products. If you are not listed, send an e-mail to: with your details

Jewish Organisations and Groups / Kosher Shops / Kosher Caterers

Allerton Hebrew Congregation
Booker Ave/ Mather Ave, Liverpool, L18 9TB
Tel: 0151 427 6848

Childwall Hebrew Congregation
Dunbabin Road, Liverpool, L15 6XL
Tel: 0151 722 2079

Princes Road Synagogue
Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation
Princes Road, Liverpool, L8 1TG
Tel: 0151 709 3431

Greenbank Drive Hebrew Congregation
Greenbank Drive, Liverpool, L17 1AN
Tel: 0151 733 1417
Liverpool Progressive Synagogue & Cheder
28 Church Road North, Liverpool, L15 6TF
Tel: 0151 733 5871

Lubavitch Foundation
76 Beech Lane, Liverpool, L18 3ER
Tel: 0151 729 0443

Synagogues / Kosher Shops / Kosher Caterers
Jewish Organisations and Groups

Merseyside Jewish Representative Council
Shifrin House, 433 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 3JL
Tel: 0151 733 2292

Harold House Community Centre
Dunbabin Road, Liverpool, L15 6XL
Tel: 0151 475 5825

Synagogues / Jewish Organisations and GroupsKosher Caterers
Kosher Shops

Childwall Kosher Deli
252 Woolton Rd, Liverpool, L16
Tel: 0151 722 3545
20 Childwall Abbey Rd, Liverpool, L16
Tel: 0151 722 3929
M.J. Fletcher
15-17 Church Rd, Liverpool, L17
Tel: 0151 733 6683
Carola’s Celebration Cakes
196 Booker Ave, Liverpool, L18
Tel: 0151 724 4912

Synagogues / Jewish Organisations and Groups / Kosher Shops
Kosher Caterers

E & M Stoops
23 Montclair Drive, Liverpool, L18
Tel: 0151 722 7459
Catering by Elaine
20 Beauclair Drive, Liverpool, L15
Tel: 0151 722 1536

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