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Hitler TV ad

by: JTA - Last updated: 2008-11-23

Belgium TV screens Adolf Hitler in ad

Belgium TV screens Adolf Hitler in ad


Hitler dish switched off Belgian TV show slammed

An advertisement for a Belgian travel show features an image of Hitler.

The show with the offensive ad is part of a public broadcast channel that recently cancelled a cooking show on Adolf Hitler's favorite meal, the Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported Sunday.

The ad, featuring a caricature of the travel show's host wearing a stripper costume, a swastika armband and a Hitler mustache, were published in a national magazine.

The channel belongs to the Flemish broadcaster VRT.

"They obviously weren't happy with our response [to the cooking show], so have added Hitler for no obvious reason other than getting attention and angering the Jewish community and the 15,000 Belgian non-Jews who were deported during World War II," Michael Freilich, the editor of the Antwerp Jewish weekly newspaper Joods Actueel, told Ha'aretz. "The Jewish community is furious. Some are even considering whether they want to live here."