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Projects to help Technion

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2008-11-26

Professor Uri Sivan with British Technion Society members

Professor Uri Sivan with British Technion Society members


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Two new projects between the UK and Israel's high-tech educational establishment the Technion have been unveiled as part of the annual Ron Arad Lecture.

A partnership with the Royal Institution will see collaboration across a number of areas and this year's Ron Arad Lecture speaker, Technion Professor Uri Sivan revealed details of his nanotechnology work. Earlier this year, Sivan made the news for his work in putting the whole Torah on a surface smaller than a pinhead.

This work, Sivan revealed will help to detect cancer and help with other medical needs such as repairing muscle defects.

At a British Technion Society dinner, dinner chairman Daniel Peltz launched a new fundraising campaign, Touch the Future, where donors can choose from five areas of research at the Technion they wish to support.

The five areas are nanotechnology, life sciences, alternative energy, biotechnology and food engineering and environmental and national infrastructure.

"The Touch the Future campaign takes much needed donations to fund the Technion's brightest students who are undertaking research in five key areas of research," said Peltz. "It is entirely the donor's decision as to where their donation is directed. Our donors will be supporting vital research which will change people's lives throughout the world."

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