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Learning about others

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2012-05-29

Interfaith Explorers

Interfaith Explorers

A new survey has revealed that almost 70 per cent of people think children should learn about religions other than their own in school.

The poll, carried out by the new learning initiative, Interfaith Explorers - which gives pupils the chance to find out about all three Abrahamic faiths - also established that 64 per cent of people think religious ignorance is a problem in the UK.

And just over half of those questioned believe that people always make judgments about others based on their beliefs, with a further 38 per cent acknowledging that such judgments are sometimes made.

The survey also established that 71 per cent of people view religious misunderstanding as a major cause of world problems.

Jonathan Miller, Educationalist and Director of Product Development at EdisonLearning - and developer of the Interfaith Explorers initiative, called the findings "fascinating".

The lesson of understanding others is not one that can only be taught in the classroom but by asking young people to think about what they have in common, we are able to start an important conversation that they can share with their friends and family," he said.

“Interfaith Explorers is a great example of how learning doesn’t have to be just about helping school and pupils meet targets; it can be about enriching young peoples’ lives so that they can better understand the world in which they live. The fact that the tool is freely available to all schools in England and Wales makes it all the more worthwhile.”

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