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Something new for SomethingJewish

by: Editor - Last updated: 2012-12-23



As we begin a new year, we at SomethingJewish thought it was time to give ourselves a bit of a fresh new look.

As an online community run by volunteers service, it has taken us a bit of a while to get to the new look and we hope you like it. It's also given us a new burst of energy too.

Our new look aims to make it easier to navigate through SomethingJewish so you can find great Jewish information from news and interviews through to listings and directory information.

SomethingJewish has always been about providing a service to the Jewish community and showcasing the best that the Jewish community offers.

We know there's lots of great stuff happening in the community and we want to do our bit to bring even great awareness to all the wonderful things that are happening.

You can email us at:

Of course, we would also welcome your thoughts about what you like about the new SomethingJewish and also what else you think we should be covering. So any feedback is welcomed.

You can also use the email address is you would like to write for us.  We're always looking for people who are equally passionate about the Jewish community and want to write about it. 

We look forward to hearing from you.