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Labour leader speaks from his soul

by: SJ Reporter - Last updated: 2012-10-02

Ed Milliband at Labour Party conference

Ed Milliband at Labour Party conference

Labour leader Ed Milliband has spoken strongly of his Jewish roots, mother surviving Nazi occupied Poland and his father fleeing to Britain in a speech to Labour supporters in Manchester.

Speaking at the annual Labour Conference, Milliband said during his One Nation speech: "Both of my parents’ came to Britain as immigrants, Jewish refugees from the Nazis. I know I would not be standing on this stage today without the compassion and tolerance of our great country. Great Britain."

He added: "Britain gave me, gave my family, a great gift that my parents never had. A safe and secure childhood. And you know my parents didn’t talk much about their early lives, it was too painful, it hurt too much. The pain of those they lost. The guilt of survivors."

Milliband also revealed how his mother, Marion, was sheletered by Nuns in Poland. "Nuns in a convent who took her in and sheltered her from the Nazis, took in a Jewish girl at risk to themselves."

Milliband told delegates that through politics he can make a difference to society. "I do believe the best way for me to give back to Britain, the best way to be true to my faith, is through politics. Now that is not a fashionable view today. Because millions of people have given up on politics, they think we’re all the same. Well I guess you could say I am out to prove them wrong. That is who I am. That is what I believe. That is my faith."