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Monitoring the BBC

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2012-10-11

BBC Watch

BBC Watch

A website which monitors coverage of Israel in the Guardian has now launched a similar site to examine the coverage the BBC gives to Israel and the Middle East.

BBC Watch, sister site to CiF Watch aims to monitor the BBC's ongoing coverage of Israel and seeing how it keeps to the BBC's own editorial guidelines.

If it finds errors, BBC Watch aims to make sure changes are made and seeks to ensure the inaccuracies are highlighted.

“Two organisations which formerly monitored BBC output – ‘Just Journalism’ and Trevor Asserson’s ‘BBC Watch’ website – have ceased operations in recent years, exacerbating the need for close and regular monitoring of the world’s most influential broadcaster," said CiF Watch’s Hadar Sela, Managing Editor of the new BBC Watch site." 

Sela added: "BBC Watch will seek to build upon and develop the work already done by those organisations in order to continue the monitoring of BBC output on the subject of Israel and to examine the broadcaster’s adherence to its legal obligation to produce accurate and impartial reporting as a service to its funding public."

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