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UK Jews unite over Brit Milah

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2012-11-02

Brit Milah

Brit Milah


The Brit Milah

A campaigning group to protect the right of Jewish circumcision in the UK has been launched.

Milah UK, which is being based on the campaign group Shechita UK which protects the rights for Jewish ritual laughtered food, is working across all sections of the UK Jewish community.

The new group is jointly chaired by technology entrepreneur and former president of the United Synagoue Dr Simon Hochhauser and Professor David Katz from the defence division of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

“There is a growing opposition both in the UK and abroad to our community’s accepted and age-old practice of milah," said Hochhauser. "When the issue came to a head in Europe earlier this year, there was no strategy and no one to take a lead on the response."

He added: "We will now be able to draw on all sections of our community to respond to this increasing and perennial threat to our core religious practice."

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