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Israel under attack

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2012-11-15

Israel under attack

Israel under attack


Ahmed al-Jaabari killed

The Board of Deputies of British Jews has issued a statement of solidarity with Israel following renewed violence in the Middle East as the Jewish state reacts to hundreds of missile attacks from Hamas and other Gazan terror groups.

In the statement, the Board said: "This morning the British Jewish community awoke to the news of the death of three Israeli civilians in an indiscriminate missile attack against Kiryat Malachi. This deadly incident was the latest of hundreds of such attacks against one million Israeli citizens in Southern Israel over the last few weeks. Since the start of 2012 over 800 missiles have been fired by Hamas and other Gazan terror groups towards Israel, with 300 in the last week alone. All schools within a forty kilometre radius of Gaza have been closed."

It further added: "We are concerned about the loss of life on both sides – Palestinian and Israeli – and we pray for a peaceful resolution to this current situation. But the responsibility for the current crisis lies squarely on the shoulders of Hamas. We call upon members of the international community to condemn Hamas in the way the British Foreign Secretary has done so already, and do everything in their power to stop missile attacks against Israel."
"Our thoughts are with the families of all who have lost their lives, including those Palestinians who have been dragged once again by Hamas into another conflict. We look forward to peaceful times returning speedily for both the Palestinian and Israeli people."

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