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Rally for Israel

by: SJ reporter - Last updated: 2012-11-15

Support for Israel - Photo: Adrian Korsner

Support for Israel - Photo: Adrian Korsner


Missiles near Tel Aviv Israel under attack Ahmed al-Jaabari killed

Hundreds of pro-Israel supporters have countered an anti-Israel protest outside the Israeli embassy in west London on Thursday night following escalation of fighting in the Middle East as Israel defends itself against missiles from Gaza.

Organised by the Zionist Federation and backed by Stand With Us, the support for Israel counters the Palestine Solidarity Campaign's demonstration against Israel outside the Kensington High Street embassy.

In a statement, the ZF said: "The Zionist Federation will stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel in its fight against those who seek to destroy it. We will show Israel's diplomats in the UK that there is always support against blind hatred of Israel."

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