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Anglo-Jewry support

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2012-11-15

More than 50 British Jewish organisations and their leaders including Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks have voiced their support for Israel by delivering a letter of solidarity to Israel's UK Ambassador.

In the letter to Ambassador Daniel Taub - the signatories who include Poju Zabludowicz - Chairman, BICOM, Jeremy Jacobs - CEO, United Synagogue, Lord Young of Graffam - Chairman, Jewish Museum, Ben Rich - CEO, Movement for Reform Judaism, Jon Benjamin - CEO, The Board of Deputies of British Jews and Jeremy Newmark - Chief Executive, The Jewish Leadership Council - state their personal and organisational support for the Jewish state as it faces continual attack from Hamas and other terror organisaions.

In the letter, the signatories write:

"At this difficult and challenging time for the State of Israel and its citizens we wanted to send you an important message of support and solidarity from leaders and key institutions of the UK Jewish community.  These sentiments prevail across all sections of our community, reflecting the national consensus within Israel itself.

"Over the past decade we have rallied together in support of Israel under the banner of 'Yes to Peace, No to Terror and No to Hamas'. The current Operation Pillar of Defence is an entirely understandable response to the intolerable assault upon the citizens of Southern Israel and the continued provocations of Hamas - an antisemitic terrorist organisation."

"We take pride in the commitment of Israel's political and military leadership to leave no stone unturned in seeking to avoid civilian casualties and remain true to the Jewish ethical ethos that underpins the doctrine of the IDF."

"We also take this opportunity to commend you personally on the admirable manner in which you stepped up to take an important lead in advocating for Israel so effectively across the UK national media over the past twenty-four hours. This is a difficult and often hostile arena. You have done your country proud."

"Your Excellency, please convey to your Government the support and sentiments of the leadership of this community."

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