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Emergency appeal for Israel

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2012-11-16

Support for Israel

Support for Israel

An emergency appeal to support Israel has been launched by new charity UK Toremet, allowing those in the UK to donate directly to victims of the current attacks on Israel by terror groups.

The fund, set up by ex-pat citizen Jonny Cline, allows donors to support causes they believe in, which in turn help charities in Israel in accordance with UK law.

"Many of the most effective philanthropic organisations in Israel do not have UK offices or bank accounts, so UK Toremet acts as their fiscal sponsor, issuing UK tax receipts to the donor, and then re-granting the funds according to their wishes", Cline explained.

Those who wish to donate will have a choice of where they would like their money to go, with emergency aid for families, medical treatment, emergency response services, shelters and schools among the options.

Cline said that donations would be forwarded directly to the relevant causes and added, "Because we have minimal overheads and no UK salaries to pay, we can guarantee that virtually every penny donated will reach those most in need in Israel's war-torn Southern region."

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