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Manchester Jews silenced by BBC

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2012-12-09

BBC Radio Manchester

BBC Radio Manchester


Legal battle to save Jewish show

A last ditch legal attempt to save BBC Radio Manchester's weekly Jewish show has not succeeded and the last broadcast of Jewish Citizen will go out on December 17.

Gillian Cohn, who is involved in Jewish Muslim interfaith work and is a retired senior legal officer formerly with Bury Council sought to get a judge to review the BBC's decision to axe the Mancheser Jewish show on grounds of discrimination.

But the judge ruled in favour of the BBC which is also axing shows aimed at local Irish and gay communities.

“The Judge said the bid failed because the BBC Trust cannot interfere with editorial decisions. We are very disappointed indeed," Conn told local Jewish newspaper the Jewish Telegraph.

Members of the Jewish community and MPs had raised their concerns that they will lose their show while other communities such as Black, Asian and Chinese will maintain their weekly shows.  

The BBC Manchester Jewish Citizen show, also known as the Jewish Hour, had been part of the BBC's engagement with local communities for more than 20 years. 

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