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Last updated: 2003-09-05

AJEX members

tribute at the Cenotaph

The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (AJEX) had its beginnings at a meeting in London in 1928. One of a series of meetings held throughout Britain to protest at Arab anti-Jewish riots in Palestine.

More than a thousand Jewish Ex-Servicemen crowded into the Grand Palais Theatre in the East End of London with many more unable to get in.

One of the resolutions passed that day called for the formation of a Jewish Ex-Service organisation in London. The response was immediate and the nucleus of the Jewish Ex-Service Legion was formed with Louis Sarna as Honorary Secretary, a post he filled with distinction until his retirement in 1952.

From 1930 the Annual Remembrance Service and Parade took place on Horse Guards Parade until the outbreak of war. After the war the practice was resumed and continues to this day.

Membership of the Legion increased by leaps and bounds. By 1934 it had grown from a London organisation into a National one, with affiliated groups all over the U.K. During this period with the rise of fascism, the Legion co-operated with the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The Board had established the Jewish Defence Committee (JDC) to co-ordinate the efforts of Jewish groups to counter British Union of Fascists propaganda. The Legion provided speakers, stewards and observers at public meetings.

Today AJEX runs and offers a number of services including providing emergency and regular financial assistance for ex-servicemen and women, and their dependants, who are in need of help or advice.   or advice.

For more information:

AJEX House, East Bank, Stamford Hill,  London N16 5RT 
Tel: 020 8800 2844
Fax:  020 8880 1117