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ZF complains to BBC

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2013-02-22

BBC Hamas Story

BBC Hamas Story

The Zionist Federation has raised its concern to the BBC over a report on Hamas that was written for the BBC News Online website earlier this month and which it says failed to reveal the true extent of what Hamas stands for and attacks it makes on Israel.

The news story, from February 7, was about Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal telling the BBC that he is in talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas about forming a national unity government but did not refer to Hamas being against the peace process, nor did it elaborate on what Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal calls "those who support our cause".

“Yet again in its coverage of Israel, the BBC is letting down the licence fee payers by providing a false picture of Hamas that ignores the fact that it is a violent terrorist group committed to the destruction of Israel," said Zionist Federation chairman Paul Charney.

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