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AJEX and the Jewish Military Museum

Last updated: 2003-09-05

Jewish Military Museum

Jewish Military Museum

Its all there…. In every nook and cranny, on every shelf and in every drawer there is a wealth of achievement, heroism, honour and endeavour which is ever expanding in the Military Museum.

The Museum enhances and embraces the work of AJEX, now in its 80th year of enduring service to ex-Servicemen and women, especially those in need of welfare. It records the activities which puts a professional light upon the service of Jewish men and women in the fighting forces of the Crown going back through the ages and will be there in the years ahead to act as a vibrant and educational symbol of these achievements.

In this respect it must be unique, giving space to a huge historical section going back to the days of Jewish service to the Crown at Trafalgar. A large and growing collection of military memorabilia: a catalogue, well illustrated, of heroic Jewish military service and participation through two centuries and more. The role played by Jews in times of crisis and expertly chronicled in a comprehensive and graphic series of exhibits and displays and future generations can look forward to the legacy provided by an ongoing educational programme constantly under review. It is here that you will find the "Role of Honour" a list of all those of the Jewish faith who served their country.
Today there are more than a thousand items on display including medals: illustrated accounts of immense bravery in war by those in the armed forces and in the secret services, particularly during World War Two: in Korea and the Falklands.

Take a look at the lives and exploits of Sgt Sydney Cohen, the "King of Lampedusa", at Lieut-Commander Tommy Gould, VC and his heroism, at Captain Sir Alexander Schonberg, who helped with other Jewish sailors in the recapture of Quebec in the 18th century and reflect on the greatness of such endeavour.