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Hindu Human Rights protest

Last updated: 2003-07-06

Betar-Tagar UK attended the Hindu Human Rights (HHR) protest. Many Jews were the victims of ethnic cleansing in Islamic countries before and after 1948 and fled to Israel.

Betar is alarmed that ethnic cleansing still occurs in Islamic countries at present. We must protest to stop further ethnic cleansing in Islamic lands. This time Hindus are the victims.

Hindus are very concerned about the largely unreported ongoing persecution and determined ethno-religious cleansing of the shockingly reduced minority Hindu population in Bangladesh.

We have just witnessed the military intervention by Western democracies in Iraq to overthrow a tyrannical regime. Indeed, Prime Minister Blair was instrumental in articulating the case for international intervention in Yugoslavia for the ethnic cleansing of the Kosovo Albanians. Yet witness Rwanda where the genocide of an ethnic community was ignored.

Are the Hindus of Bangladesh in the same category? Are they, like the Tutsis of Rwanda, deemed to be too far away, economically unimportant, or just the wrong colour to warrant international help? The factual reports of sheer horror are mindless and endless.

The draconian property "Law" in Bangladesh has officially sanctioned the violent seizing of 3 million acres of ancestral Hindu land under successive "Enemy Property Acts". In 2001, the South Bangladeshi village of Bola witnessed gang raping of 200 Hindu women. Even a Hindu girl of seven was not spared. These atrocities continue to this day.