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Board welcomes ban on Hamas

Last updated: 2003-09-09


The Board of Deputies has welcomed the recent steps taken by the European Union to recognise Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

In recent weeks, the Board has repeatedly urged Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to ban Hamas’ political wing. At a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers on Saturday, it was accepted that Hamas’ military and political wings were in practice indistinguishable. By outlawing Hamas’ political wing, this will remove the scope for their participation in negotiating a settlement in the Middle East and ensure the freezing of their funds.

Board Director General Neville Nagler commented: “This decision is long overdue. We hope the final steps towards outlawing Hamas’ political wing is a swift process. Hamas has carried out countless terrorist attacks upon innocent civilians. It openly calls for the complete annihilation of the State of Israel and has absolutely no interest in reaching a peaceful settlement. With the freezing of its funds, we can only hope that Hamas’ activities will be limited and that the possibility of a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians will improve."