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Lubavitch go to Lords

Last updated: 2003-07-08

dinner at lords

Having dinner at Lords

Lubavitch of Edgware hosted a dinner on Monday this week at Lords Cricket Ground to celebrate its 17th anniversary.

Ever since its establishment by Lubavitch Foundation in 1986, the facilities that they offer have brought progress in Yiddishkeit to thousands. Their activities are many, ranging from the Street Project, where Rabbis and volunteers go out onto the streets at night to spend time with Jewish youths, through a Kindergarten for 42 children; children’s clubs; youth clubs; adult education and shiurim, to the well used service of Tel Torah (which alone serves more than 10,000 classes a month on the telephone), plus much more.

Directed by Rabbi and Mrs. Leivi Sudak and assisted by Rabbis Mendel Gorman and Zalman Sudak, they provide a constant hive of activity.

On September 11, 2001, when Rabbi Leivi Sudak was traveling to New York to daven at the Rebbe's resting place before The Jewish New Year, his plane was diverted to Gander, Newfoundland. When his flight left Gander on Shabbat, he and another two Jewish passengers were left stranded. By their true kindness, Corporal Carl and Eithne Smith drove Rabbi Sudak and the two Jewish women 500 km to another town so that they might just catch the only flight that could bring them to a Jewish community in time for the New Year.

Carl and Eithne Smith were Guests of Honour at this week’s Dinner, at which Rabbi Sudak explained that their kindness was indeed the only option available to the stranded guests. He presented them with a token of gratitude to themselves as well as a token for the People of Gander.

Guest Speaker at the Dinner was Colonel Chaplain Rabbi Ya’akov Goldstein, Senior Chaplain for the United States Army National Guard, himself a Lubavitcher who has served in the Gulf War; Afghanistan; Granada; Ground Zero and more. Rabbi Goldstein held the guests in suspense as he relayed the miraculous encounters that he had experienced and the revealed hand of G-d in his missions. In particular he told of a man in Bosnia who became overwhelmed by a Lulav and Etrog which he had had delivered to the regional Jewish Chaplian. This was the first time in 60 years that this man had held a Lulav and Etrog since the day that the Nazis invaded his hometown.

Close to 400 guests attended the Dinner, which raised much-needed funds for the continued activities of Lubavitch of Edgware.