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Jews About Town

Last updated: 2004-03-01

Claudia Winkeman

Did you go to school with Claudia?

Have you ever spotted a famous Jew in public? Did you go to school with a famous Jew? Jews About Town from SomethingJewish wants to know!

In Jews About Town, we tell your stories and encounters.

If you have been photographed with a famous Jew, even better!

Is the person you sit next to in synagogue well known? Then tell us! 

Whatever your close encounter of a Jewish kind is, we want to know.

E-mail us your stories and photos to: 
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Latest stories

I Rachel Stevens at Opium on a Saturday night!, AN, London.

I saw Claudia Winkeman getting out of a cab at the London Press Ball in a huge marquee in Battersea Park a few years ago. And as she got out of the taxi her boob tube fell down to reveal a fine bosom. She knew I'd seen, and after pulling her top back up she gave me a cheeky grin. MH.

I was at Folman's fish restaurant in Hendon when I noticed across the table a man looking like Lord Levy was eating some fish and chips. A word in the ear with my eating partner and we confirmed it was Levy. One thing I did notice, he does seem to wear his trousers very high up similar to how Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell does.  Aaron, Barnet.

Claudia Winkleman of BBC3 Liquid News fame used to go to City of London School for Girls in the Barbican which I also went to. I didn't really know her then, but with such an odd sounding name, she certainly stood out.   Rachel, London.

Once saw TV presenter Tania Bryer and her entourage at the 613 restaurant in Wigmore Street, central London.  Barry, Bushey.

Along with some mates, I was at the Pizza Express in Dean Street in London's West End and couldn't help notice that tucking into a salad was Gaynor Faye from Coronation Street. She didn't seem to eat much. IW, Finchley.

I spotted Lesley Joseph coming out of top hairdresser Charles Worthington in Percy Street, central London. Karen, Essex.