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Putting a map on your head

Last updated: 2003-09-10

London Map

London on a scarf

If you like wearing a scarf and are looking for something a bit different and quirky, then how about putting a map on your head?

Scarf designers Tasaram have taken city maps for London, New York, Paris, Washington DC and Rome and incorporated them into a silk scarf.

According to Tasaram director Lucy Hornberger the scarfs are very versatile. "They can be worn in numerous ways – around your neck, as a headscarf for that Grace Kelly look, as a belt or a top. They make wonderful wall hangings for your home and, what's more, they are detailed and accurate enough to actually be used as maps."

The scarves measure 34 x 34 inches and cost 49 pounds.

In terms of which scarf has been proving more popular, the one for Paris has come top.

"People feel passionate about each of our featured cities," Hornberger said. "But Paris just has the edge, perhaps because it is such a romantic city and scarves are the item most associated with French style".

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