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Board meets Muslim Council of Britain

Last updated: 2003-09-15

The Board of Deputies met with a delegation from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) last week to discuss positive areas of cooperation between the Jewish and Muslim communities in Great Britain.

The meeting discussed the scope for a better understanding of the needs of the two communities and provided an opportunity to discuss areas of cooperation to ensure a lessening of tension between the communities. The Board and MCB agreed to continue cooperation to counter the proposed ban on kosher and halal meat in Britain by the Farm Animal Welfare Council. Other areas of mutual concern included religious and racial incitement legislation and the religious question in the 2001 census.

Board President Henry Grunwald QC commented: "As minority groups in Britain, it is important that we recognise the benefits of cooperation between our two communities. Both communities have suffered over the past few years as a result of the conflicts in the Middle East. It is essential that we do everything we can to reduce tensions on our streets.

"During our discussions, the Board and the MCB proffered different views as to the way forward for the Middle East peace process, but both organisations stressed the importance of a solution which would allow both Israelis and Palestinians a safe and secure future.

"We very much look forward to developing these positive relations with the MCB in the future."