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Now there is SomethingJewish on the web

Last updated: 2003-09-22 becomes SomethingJewish - the inclusive Jewish web site

22 September 2003 - In the beginning (1996) there was - the UK's first Jewish online resource. was good, it was well received by all those who used it and knew of it.

It won many accolades for its service, then... in 2003, decided it was time for a makeover.

After much thought and consideration, has now become SomethingJewish ( Bigger, better and brighter with more features, interviews and resources.

Way back in 1996 when started it was a site with just a few pages but with big plans. Its objective then, as it is still now is to provide an independent guide to UK Jewish life and be a resource not just for the UK community but for anyone who wants to discover more about UK Jewish life.

"SomethingJewish is about celebrating our Jewish culture and being proud of our people," says editor and co-founder Leslie Bunder. "We are about reflecting what is happening in UK Jewish life and sharing that with others. Many non-Jewish people come to the site to discover more
about what it means to be Jewish and of course to also discover other delights including kosher cookery."

Bunder added: "With new features and sections including Where Are Jew Now, our look at what famous Jewish people are up to, travel guides that reveal interesting Jewish places to visit around the world and Jews About Town our look at famous Jew spotting we feel the new site is an exciting development in inspirational and aspirational community web sites."

SomethingJewish also allows all Jewish groups and organizations to have their own micro-site.

"Not all groups can afford to create or maintain a web site. With our Community Corner section, all they have got to do is tell us and we will update it for them. It's important for community groups and organisations to promote themselves and now they can do so through omethingJewish at no cost."

With its open and inclusive content, SomethingJewish believes it offers something for everyone regardless of their Jewish background.

"To some, SomethingJewish is like their extended family with hundreds of e-mails being received and replied to each month covering subjects from where to eat kosher in London and Manchester through to seeking help trying to locate a long lost relative," Bunder revealed. "For many, SomethingJewish is often their only link with the Jewish community. We are very proud to say that we work with all sections of the community which is reflected in the diversity of content and features we have."

Over the coming weeks and months, SomethingJewish will be expanded further to increase its vast range of content with more features, interviews, profiles and other community sections.

About SomethingJewish was founded by Leslie Bunder and his wife Caroline Westbrook. When was first created, Bunder was working full-time in the media.

Eventually in late 2002, he decided that in order to grow to its true potential he would need to be dedicated to the task and spend much more time and energy in building up

In early 2003, Bunder started JMT Ventures with co-founder Eamonn Ozerovitch with a vision to unite Jewish people through online, print and other related media. Through their web sites, they aim to inspire, educate and inform Jewish people of their cultural identity and the richness of it. What you see today is the result of over six months, non-stop focused work.

SomethingJewish also forms part of the JMT Ventures network of Jewish sites which include and

For more information:

Leslie Bunder - tel: 07976 220273