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50 ways to blow £15m

Last updated: 2003-09-19

diving with sharks

Diving with sharks experience

With everyone looking these days for new adventures and experiences, a mystery millionaire has invited a lifestyle company to create a bespoke list of things to do before the end of 2004.

The list of 50 things follows in the wake of BBC programme 50 Things To Do Before You Die and if the millionaire decides to do all of them, he will have a very busy time as well as having blown through £15m to fufill his goal.

The man contacted Red Letter Days who have put together a suggested list of things to do which is now being considered.

The most expensive at £15m was to go to Russia and fly into space. And for most of these adventures, the price does not include travel.

Red Letter Days, which has been in business since 1989 duly put together its recommendations which are:

  Experience                                            Location                        Price
  Climb on Mount Kilimanjaro                 Africa                       £592
  Visit Antartica                                 Antartica                  £2,241
  Scuba Dive Great Barrier Reef             Australia                  £1,200
  Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge         Australia                     £65
  Watch a sunset over Uluru                 Australia                    FREE
  Dive with Sharks                              Bahamas                       £80
  See Oragutans in Borneo                   Borneo                       £700
  See the Northern Lights                    Canada                     £1,809
  Drive a Husky Sled                           Canada                        £31
  Watch Polar Bears                           Canada                     £1,652
  Ride the Rocky Mountaineer Train       Canada                       £255
  Walk on The Great Wall of China         China                      £1,310
  Ride a Camel at the Pyramids             Egypt                         £50
  Go Whale Watching                         Greenland                  £5,000
  Fly over a Volcano                           Hawaii                       £102
  See Tigers in the Wild                       India                        £650
  Escape to a Paradise Island               Indian Ocean               £7,000
  Wonder at a Waterfall                      Jamaica                      FREE
  See Elephants in the Wild                 Kenya                        £500
  Watch Mountain Gorillas                   Kenya                        £695
  Swim with Dolphins                         Mexico                        £75
  Fish for Blue Marlin                         Miami                        £400
  Climb on Mount Everest                   Nepal                      £2,495
  Trek through a Rain Forest               New Zealand                  £271
  Climb or Hike up a Glacier                 New Zealand                   £72
  Walk the Inca Trail                         Peru                       £1,245
  Travel into Space                           Russia                 15,000,000
  Ride the Trans Siberian Railway         Russia                       £400
  Go on Safari                                  South Africa               £1,000
  Visit the Galapagos Islands               South America              £1,700
  Do the Cresta Run                          Switzerland                  £203
  Ride a Horse on a Beach                  Tobago                        £46
  Skydiving                                      UK                        £249.00
  Hot Air Balloon Flight                       UK                           £195
  Drive an F1 Car                              UK                         £1,250
  Go White Water Rafting                   UK                            £60
  Bungee Jump                                 UK                            £75
  Ride a Motorbike on the open Road    UK                           £500
  Go wing-walking                             UK                           £400
  Ride a Rollercoaster                        UK                            £30
  Go Paragliding                                UK                           £135 
  Orient Express London-Venice          UK - Italy                 £1,840
  Fly Concorde to New York               UK - USA                   £4,200
  Fly a Fighter Jet                           USA                        £1,695
  Drive along Route 66                     USA                          £625
  Fly in a Helicipter over the Grand     USA                        £1,246
  Have a go at Cowboy Ranching       USA                          £134
  Play golf at Augusta Georgia           USA               He has a friend
  Visit Disneyworld Florida                 USA                          £250
  Gamble in Las Vegas                       USA                        £2,000
                                            TOTAL                       £15,046,723