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Chief Rabbi goes into cyberspace

Last updated: 2003-09-17

The Chief Rabbi will deliver a keynote shiur at the Ellul Programme of the London School of Jewish Studies entitled: The first Baal Teshuvah: Adam, Eden and Paradise regained.

In an innovative development, the Chief Rabbi’s keynote shiur at the Ellul Programme of the London School of Jewish Studies will be available via video-conference link to King David High School, Manchester and the Contact Centre of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem. The shiur will also be available on a limited invitation webcast which will be viewed by leading Jewish educators around the globe.

This is the first major webcast shiur by the Chief Rabbi. It combines both video-conferencing and webcasting technologies, allowing a wider national and international audience to access his teaching.

Project Manager Mark Creeger of Adventures in E-Learning commented: “We are delighted to have been asked to facilitate a hi-tech response to the continuing demand for access to the Chief Rabbi’s lectures and teaching.”

Office of the Chief Rabbi Director of Communications Jeremy Newmark added: "In 1999 when the Chief Rabbi launched his official website he signalled his desire to initiate a global conversation on what it means to be a Jew today. Last year’s introduction of his weekly educational email, Covenant and Conversation together with the adoption of webcast and video conference technology, represent the next stages in that global Jewish conversation.”

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