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Time to record digitally

Last updated: 2003-09-25

If your old tape recorder is well and truly past its sell by date, and not recording as it should, then it might be time to consider going digital.

These days, digital recorders don’t just record voice, but can also be used for music and also serve as portable hard drives so you can move data around with you.

Sanyo's ICR-B80 weighs just 74g, and can offer all the essentials of a digital recorder. It also has a stand to allow the unit to be placed upright which stops surface noise interfering with recording.

The unit comes with a 64MB memory and allows up to four hours of voice recording or one hour of music. Battery life averages around ten hours before you need to change them.

When transferring data between the ICR-B80 and a computer via the USB connection, the unit doesn’t need to use its battery and is powered by the computer.

The ICR-B80 costs £99
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