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One in six Jewish families supported by Jewish Care

Last updated: 2003-09-26

Jewish Care Scotland has launched its annual appeal with some startling information - one in six local Jewish families in Scotland uses its services each year, yet two thirds of Jewish families do not contribute anything to it.

The Charity now provides, amongst other things, day care, lunch clubs and meals on wheels, social work support, counselling and befriending to over 500 people each month.

Figures revealed today show that it costs an astonishing £59.52 per person each day for those older people who use the day care centre.

The delivery of meals on wheels costs £9.19 per person per day and at the popular lunch club, the cost to Jewish Care Scotland is £28.67 for each person who attends.

Chairman of Jewish Care Scotland, Albert Tankel said: “Although we receive considerable support from East Renfrewshire Council and Glasgow City Council, we still need to make up a shortfall each year.

The theme of our appeal this year is: ‘If your family had a crisis, who would you turn to?’ as we think of ourselves as part of a large extended family, capable of helping each other if things are hard.

Many children now move away from Glasgow and there are increasing numbers of older people who now receive help because their children are unable to care for them on a day to day basis.
Sadly ill health or financial difficulties can strike any family group regardless of circumstances and loneliness and isolation can also be difficult for people - particularly in older age.

With our dedicated staff and warm hearted volunteers, we are grateful that we can support so many who feel comfortable to come to us for assistance.”

Chief Executive Ethne Woldman said: “We have successfully combined a professional service with a network of trained volunteers recruited from the community. An increasing number of people are coming forward who have problems associated with mental illnesses which affects not only them, but the families involved with them.

We are also able to give advice on such things as state benefits or the funding of people who ultimately need residential care.

For people who are alone or even where families are nearby, it can be helpful to obtain good advice and guidance - or even just a chat to brighten up the day.”

The appeal makes a plea for people to consider helping Jewish Care Scotland on an ongoing basis, either with an annual or monthly subscription.

And where people are taxpayers, they should sign a Gift Aid form, available from the group’s HQ.

Mr. Tankel added: “Using the Gift Aid form gives us an extra 28p for every £1 that you donate and if everyone did this, it would add thousands to our annual income.”

For more information:

Tel: 0141 620 1800