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New notebook carry case

Last updated: 2003-09-30

Latest Airbag case

The Playa AirBag

As notebook computers start to become even bigger with 15-inch screens being the norm and 17-inch screens being introduced, making sure you have a rugged but stylish computer bag becomes essential.

Why try to put your £1500 notebook into a computer case designed for a 14-inch sized computer when a manufacturer of bags such as The Computer Luggage Company offers what you need in its Airbag range?

The AirBags, feature Techair technology which helps to keep the notebook safe as you go about your daily journey and the various knocks its may get. The AirBags have been designed so that whatever property you've got inside them is kept safe and snug ready to be taken out and used when needed.

Included in the new range are cases that would suit people who want a backpack or those who prefer something to put on their shoulder.
The new bags include: Playa for backpackers and Aspar, a shoulder styled bag for those who have notebooks going up to 17 inch sized screens.
Prices start from around £40 for a case.
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