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Chief Rabbi's special prayer

Last updated: 2003-10-01

The Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks has written the following prayer to be read out across the UK in synagogues under the aegies of United Synagogue and associated with it over the penitential and festive period.


 Ribbon ha-olamim

Sovereign of the universe,

Send peace to Your people Israel in Your holy land,

Who week by week live in fear,

And day by day shed tears of grief –

For the young and old

Parents and children

The innocent and uninvolved

Whom terror has taken as its target

And violence as its victims.


Melech she-hashalom shelo,

O King to whom peace belongs:

Your people in Your holy land

Seek peace, not war

The right to live as other nations live

And to be a blessing to others.


Bring, we pray you, comfort to those who mourn

Healing to the injured

And hope where there is despair.


May He who brought His people back to the land

Grant them safety in the land

And may He who makes peace in high places

Teach us and all humanity to make peace on earth.



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