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The Ten Comedyments

Last updated: 2003-10-03

Jewish comic Ivor Dembina

Ivor Dembina

Ivor Dembina is one of the UK’s leading Jewish comedians who has been performing his unique brand of Jewish social reality comedy for over a decade.

His recent show SadoJudaism, a comic account of the fetish scene through Jewish eyes, drew plaudits from critics and audiences alike on both sides of the Atlantic.  But it’s his new offering, This is Not a Subject for Comedy, a stand-up show about Israel, Palestine and the Jews that’s caused the most controversy.  He’s had walk-outs, abuse and hate mail, and the show isn’t even finished yet. He took time off from rehearsals to hand down his own Ten Comedyments

What is your favourite Jewish stereotype?
Jews are funny
What is your least favourite stereotype?
The same

How have Jewish people responded  to your new show about Israel and Palestine?
Some really hate it others merely dislike it

How can the Israeli/Palestinian conflict be resolved?
Send Vanessa Feltz out there and tell them that if they don’t stop fighting, she stays.

Who is your favourite Jewish comedian?
Ariel Sharon

You were once part of a two man show called Arab and The Jew.  Sample joke?
Jew to Arab: This land was given to us by God.
Arab to Jew: So what?  It was given to us by Great Britain.

Why do you feel UK Jewish comedy does not get much of a profile?
Its not funny enough.

What is your favourite Jewish festival?

How does a Jewish comic make money in the UK?
Go into his father’s business..
What are your future plans?
Go into my father’s business.

You can see Ivor’s work in progress on the new show in London every Thursday in October at the Hampstead Comedy Club, or add to his collection of hate mail at:

Ivor's website can be found at