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Haifa terrorist attack

Last updated: 2003-10-07

Following the terrorist attack in Haifa the Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks sent a message to communities under his aegis, to be read by Rabbis during Yom Kippur services:

“As British Jews, let us join our grief to that of Jews throughout the world at the tragedy that occurred just a day ago in Haifa: the bomb that claimed the lives of 20 people, among them five children, and the more than sixty injured. Our hearts go out to their families and friends and to the whole of Am Yisrael in Medinat Yisrael at this cold, calculated, brutal assault on all that we and all humanity should hold sacred.

We remember not only them but also the other 862 Israelis killed and the 5877 injured in the past three years, in no less than 18, 833 recorded attacks, the most sustained terrorist assault any nation has suffered in modern times, let alone one as small and vulnerable as Israel.

Ribbono shel olam, we pray you: Be with Your people now and in the year to come as they search for the right not to live in fear, but to have a home where they and their children can build a future, true to our faith while being a blessing to others, in the land of Your promise and our beginnings.

Zochrenu le-chayyim melekh chafetz ba-chayyim: O King who delights in life, remember Your people for life, and let there be an end to terror, violence, bloodshed and death. Teach all humanity to cherish life, sanctify life, and find You in the midst of life; and write Your people – those who live in Your land, and we who turn in prayer toward Your land – in the Book of Life.”