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CCTV for the home

Last updated: 2003-10-14

x10 video cameras

x10 video cameras

X10, a leading US provider of small video cameras which can be used for home surveillance is now in the UK.

Many will know of X10 through pop-up advertising that promotes the X10 tiny video cameras.

As well as selling the XCam2 which is one of the smallest wireless colour video cameras around for £100 as a kit, the UK X10 site is also offering a full range of other devices for home and small business use.

With home owners looking for cost effective ways to protect their home and deter thieves, X10 believes there is massive potential for its products.

As well as being able to operate on their own, the X10 cameras can aso be networked with up to 16 cameras being connected together looking after a location.

Prices for a basic kit start from £80.

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