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Happy with pre-High Holydays programme

Last updated: 2003-10-16

Chief Rabbi at programme

Chief Rabbi at programme

The United Synagogue is delighted with the success of the first ever Essex based Pre-High Holydays Programme which ran during the month of Ellul at Sinclair House in Redbridge. Over 1000 people attended 20 enlightening presentations.

The Programme was a joint project of the United Synagogue Community Development Group, the Rabbinical Council of East London, Redbridge Jewish Youth and Community Centre and 19 local synagogues and organisations.

The wide range of speakers (which in addition to 13 well known Rabbis included the Chief Rabbi and Dayanim of the London Beth Din) attracted a large and diverse turnout each evening.  Lecture topics included insights into the High Holy Day liturgy, Jewish philosophy,
practical observance and mystical dimensions.

Project coordinator Rabbi Jason Kleiman said: "This Programme has helped to make Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as meaningful as possible to over a thousand people. That is an achievement of which we are all very proud. There has been a resounding call by the participants at the Pre- High Holy Days Programme for similar events and I am pleased to announce that plans are already under way."   

Leonie Lewis, Director of the Community Development Group said: "This programme was community development in action. Grassroots involvement with dynamic leadership. Everyone was very keen to buy into the concept and to support the programme. It will be used as a model of excellence across other regions of the United Synagogue."