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UK Jewish Film Festival tickets winner

Last updated: 2003-10-22

From the film Suzie Gold

From the film Suzie Gold

The UK Jewish Film Festival which takes place from October 25 to November 6 in Brighton offers the chance to see some of the best current Jewish films around and SomethingJewish has a special pass to five films for one lucky SomethingJewish reader and companion.

The five films which you have a chance to see are:

  • Suzie Gold  -  6.30pm on Sunday 2.11.03

  • Would I Lie to You  -  6.30pm on Wednesday 29.10.03

  • Ruthie & Connie  -  6.30pm on Saturday 1.11.03

  • Welcome to the Waks Family  -  7.00pm on Monday 3.11.03

  • Eden  -  11.15pm on Saturday 1.11.03

These films were specially picked by SomethingJewish film expert Caroline Westbrook.

Of Suzie Gold, Westbrook said: "the film works as both entertaining romantic comedy and wryly funny portrait of life in Jewish London."

Of Eden, Westbrook commented: "This offbeat animated film from Polish artist Andrzej Czeczot, which took six years to complete, is unusual in that it has no dialogue, relying solely upon music and its striking visuals to tell its tale."

According to Westbrook, the UK Jewish Film Festival has come of age. "There really is something for everyone. Even trying to choose a top picks from the festival was difficult due to the vast amount of great films being screened."

If you want to stand a chance to win this great film buff prize, just answer this question:

Suzie Gold stars Summer Phoenix. Which country is she from?


Mrs Denise Seshold