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Art in the Shadow of Terror at ORT Schools in Israel

Last updated: 2003-10-22

World ORT has launched Art in the Shadow of Terror, a unique micro site on its website ,featuring artwork created by ORT Israel students who live their lives in the shadow of terror.

Initiated and sponsored by Sir Isidore Jack and Lady Lyons the site, based upon a competition implemented throughout ORT Israel schools, provides users with a valuable glimpse into the reality of life in Israel.

The competition, Art in the Shadow of Terror, was inaugurated during the 2002-2003 school year and encouraged the students of ORT Israel to express their most personal feelings relating to the current situation in Israel. Some 320 students, aged 13 - 18, submitted their creations expressing through art, their anxieties, fears and emotions after three years of continuous violence and terror and exhibiting their hopes for peace in the future. Through the competition students have been able to turn feelings of anger, grief and frustration into a sense of accomplishment, creativity and togetherness.

The micro site displays a selection of the artwork, and gives an insight into trauma counselling through art therapy currently being implemented at ORT's schools in Israel.