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by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2003-10-27



When it comes to notebook computers, IBM sets a high standard and its latest range of T40 models keep the computer giant as a leading player.

I recently had the opportunity to look at a T40 based around Intel’s Centrino mobile technology. It had all the bells and whistles with built-in DVD/CD Writer, wireless access to the internet and a very clear and crisp 14.1 inch screen.

First impressions count and in the case of the T40 it really does shine through. From switching on the machine to turning it off, it is a joy to use. With supplied 256MB of RAM and a 40GB hard disc, it offers great functionality for all occasions.

Keyboard for typing on is well designed and thought out and the supplied battery does seem to power itself on its own for over three hours without the need to recharge.

If you are looking for a notebook that you can take out of the box, switch on and start work, then the T40 is that machine. Everything about it oozes quality and equally important, oozes ease of use.

The notebook weighed around 2kg, give or take a few grams and costs £1429 plus VAT which while it may cost a bit more than other manufacturers does mean you are also paying for what is undoubtly a very well made and well supported product.

Included in the price is a three year warranty and when you consider other computer retailers can often add £200 or more to the cost of a notebook to get the warranty does show that IBM’s T40 is great value for money if you are looking for something that you are able to use at home, in the office and out and about.

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