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Hey big web spender

Last updated: 2003-11-06

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Men spend more online

A new report into the online spending habits of men and women has revealed that men are big online spenders.

While women like to shop 'til they drop on the high street, it is men who are surfing their way to spending thousands on the web.
The research commissioned by financial services company Direct Line, found that one in 20 men across the UK has admitted to spending more than £5,000 online at one time.
Around a third of women it questioned had spent less than £100 and 85% of women shoppers say they are happy with their online purchases.
According to the research, men like shopping online to compare prices across a range of products and services to get a better deal.
Richard Coombe, Head of Ecommerce at Direct Line said:
“These figures reveal many issues when it comes to purchasing online, not least that men’s trust in using the internet as a shopping channel is currently far greater than women’s. This is reflected not only in the high sums of money they are willing to part with, but also by figures stating that women need greater reassurance of the brand they are buying from and that men are 40% happier to trust online only brands with great reputations than their female counterparts.”