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Jewish Showbiz News

Last updated: 2003-11-10

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens

This year's London Film Festival has closed with the British premiere of Gwyneth Paltrow's new film, Sylvia.

Paltrow was among the guests at the screening of the film, which focuses on the life of American writer Sylvia Plath and her tempestuous relationship with British poet Ted Hughes. Paltrow revealed at the premiere that she had prepared for the role of Plath by reading a lot of her writing, including her diary and letters she sent to her mother, as well as meeting two of Sylvia's friends. "When you play someone who is not fictional you have a great responsibility to stay true to the character, especially someone like Sylvia who is so brilliant and complicated," she said.

Illusionist David Blaine has revealed that his next stunt will see him plunge hundreds of feet from a helicopter into a river below. Blaine, who is recovering from his most recent stunt, which saw him spending 44 days in a box suspended from Tower Bridge surviving only on water, admits the 'Dive Of Death', as it is known, could be his riskiest challenge yet. "It will be from such a tremendous height there's only a couple of people who lived from that height, it is like hitting pavement." He is planning to make the jump on his birthday, April 4, next year.

Former S Clubber Rachel Stevens has been voted the star who football fans would most like to see fronting a celebrity women's team, according to a new survey conducted by the FA. Over 1,000 people took part in the poll, singling out Stevens for her petite frame and nimble dance moves, which they thought would translate well to the football pitch. Stevens recently hit the charts with Sweet Dreams My LA Ex, her first solo single since S Club split earlier this year.

In Brief:

  • Sir Ian McKellen has said he is keen to reprise the role of troubled Jewish villain Magneto in a third X-Men film. Speaking at the British Independent Film Awards in London this week, he said he joined the hit series because "X-Men and its story is about mutants, about people who feel disaffected with society, and whom society is hard on, appeals most to young blacks, young Jews and young gays."

Happy birthday this week to: Friends star David Schwimmer (37 on November 12), musician and conductor Daniel Barenboim (63 on November 15), actress Lisa Bonet, star of Angel Heart and The Cosby Show (36 on November 16)