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Make an appeal online

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2003-11-14

Barrie Segal

Barrie Segal

A former accountant has launched a website to champion people who have been wrongly issued with parking tickets or been fined for other offences.

With thousands of people each year being fined for something they should not have been, Barrie Segal is offering Appeal Now, an online letter writing service that will for £4.99, send the appeal to any council in the UK within 72 hours of being notified of getting a ticket.
According to Segal, who lives in Sloane Square, London, people are paying when they should be appealing, but due to the cumbersome and time consuming methods some councils use to make an appeal, many just pay to avoid the potential of ongoing stress.

Segal, 56, decided on launching his venture after becoming increasingly annoyed by the process to appeal a parking ticket which was issued by Westminster Council.

"I was frustrated by the amount of time and energy it took to prepare the appeal, " Segal told SomethingJewish. "It just took ages, and it struck me that there were probably thousands and thousands of people having the same problem."

With a background in business, Segal then realised that out of his frustration could come an opportunity.

"I looked into it and was astonished to find that almost every Local Authority has a slightly different appeals procedure. I then thought, 'Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could automate the appeal?' and that’s when I invented"

According to Segal, the service offers a letter that can be personalised directly by the driver and takes under five minutes to fill in.

As well as a charge per letter, there is a £5 annial registration which is currently being waived.

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