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Encounter 2003

Last updated: 2003-11-18


Encounter 2003

Are you ready for this year's hottest Jewish event? Are you free on Sunday December 7 and can you make it to Kenton, Middlesex. Then you need to be at the Encounter Conference which will give you the chance to see, hear and interact with some of the best Jewish thinkers in the world.

However you look at it, this year’s Encounter Conference at the JFS School in Kenton really has something for everyone. It’s almost impossible to do justice to an event that attracts world-class Jewish thinkers and which last year wowed some 2,000 participants from every part the community. 

Discount tickets can be booked direct at

At Encounter there’s a fantastic choice of things to do. Between 9.45am and 6.00pm as well as 2 keynote addresses there are 5 separate sessions. Each session provides a selection of thought provoking and inspiring speakers, interactive workshops, shows and debates.

And if you fancy a break you can take time out to grab a bite to eat and drink or wander round the stalls of the Jewish Life Exhibition. Less than 2 weeks before Chanukah there’s a bigger than ever selection of stalls with everything from the speakers’ books to cuddly kids menorahs!

Highlights include:

Possibly the world’s funniest rabbi:

Delivering laughter whilst stimulating serious thought Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky will be taking nothing for granted as he asks (amongst other things)

"Why be Jewish?"

A princess amongst speakers:
A direct descendent of King David, Rebbetzin Esther Yungreis is no stranger to inspiring an audience, (she once sold out Madison Square Garden).

In one session she’ll be speaking about her best-selling book ‘The Committed Marriage’ a guide to perfect relationships and in another she’ll be revealing ‘Secrets of the Torah’, as she explores a range of Kabbalistic ideas.

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

Two Chiefs: The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine will give a moving account of the miraculous re-birth of a community free from decades of Communist oppression whilst our very own Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks will give the conference’s opening address.

Enough with the long face already!: Clinical therapist and Encounter Conference founder Rabbi Yisroel Roll will be revealing the ‘7 Habits of Happy People’.

Plenty of food for thought: Perhaps you’d like to hear law professor (and Dayan of the Beth Din of America) Michael Broyde, - regarded as ‘the most prolific scholar of comparative law’ in the USA. Or maybe the guitar playing Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Shimon Green. You could try some one to one learning or meet David Breuer-Weil the world renowned artist and former director of Modern Art at Sotheby's. There’ll be discussions on issues ranging from Shechita to Missionaries that you might want to take part in. And amongst other world-class speakers there’s Rabbi Ivan Lerner, Dayan Menachem Gelly, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rivkah Slonim, Rabbi Rashi Simon, Rabbi Chaim Rapoport and Joanne Dove.

Plenty of food to eat!: This year the magnificent JFS facilities will be supplying a professionally catered lunch menu. How about creamy salmon pasta with garlic bread, or perhaps some fresh coffee with a Danish pastry?