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Tribe goes to Israel

Last updated: 2003-11-18

Two hundreed British gap year students joined together for the first Tribe United Synagogue Shabbat in Israel last weekend. Rabbi Andrew Shaw, Executive Director of Tribe, organised the event with the support of Yavneh Olami. The participants came from a variety of gap year programmes.

This Israel Shabbat was the culmination of the highly successful United Synagogue Shabbat which had taken place in many US communities the previous week.

The Israel Shabbaton introduced the concept of Tribe to the students, and began the process of linking the excitement felt during Israel Gap Year schemes, to the mobilisation of support for Tribe and United Synagogue communities on their return.

The Tribe delegation included US Chief Executive Rabbi Saul Zneimer and Dayan Abraham of the London Beth Din.

Rabbi Saul Zneimer said:  “This was one of the most exciting Shabbatonim I have been involved in. It was a great credit to Rabbi Andrew Shaw and his team. The idea that Tribe will link all of our young people in to the United Synagogue promises a really bright future”.

Rabbi Shaw added: “The concept of the United Synagogue attracting 200 British students in Israel to a Shabbaton is groundbreaking, and Tribe will endeavour to maintain the high standards set, and ensure that our young people continue to feel part of our community on their return to Britain, from what often is the most inspirational year of their lives.”

Ruth Cohen a participant on the weekend commented, “I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Tribe for the shabbaton in Jerusalem. It was really really good fun, and I know it was very successful.”