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"Grotesque" cartoon award

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2003-11-27


Sharon "cartoon"

The American Jewish Committee has slammed the British Political Cartoon Society's decision to award a cartoonist first prize for creating an image of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon eating the head of a baby.

The image, which appeared in The Independent earlier this year was drawn by Dave Brown and showed Sharon eating the head of a Palestinian baby and saying ""What's wrong? Have you never seen a politician kissing a baby?"

"This image conjures up some of the most vile stereotypes imaginable," said AJC Executive Director David Harris.

"Not only should this grotesque cartoon never have been honored, but it should never have been published in the first place by The Independent. It is not about legitimate political criticism. It is all about incitement against a people," Harris said.

On the Cartoon Society's own web site, users expressed their surprise and outrage of the award, "What kind of an organization awards a prize for what is clearly an unsubtle unfunny piece of antisemitic garbage by a singularly untalented 'cartoonist' ?" said one poster.

Another added: "I find it hard to believe, that with such talent in the world of British political cartooning, you chose this piece of calculated and gratuitous offence for an award."