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Chanukah gift ideas

by: Sarah Levine - Last updated: 2003-11-28

Hair wand

Hair wand

With Chanukah just around the corner, high-street trendy store, The Gadget Shop has launched a new range of gifts including a hair wand to make your hair healthier and a micro car set ideal for any would be Forumla 1 drivers.

Highlights of the new range include: 

Games: Lightning Reaction - grab the handles and pitch your reactions against up to three additional players, else you could be the one receiving a nasty surprise. The last one holding the handles when the light stops gets an electric shock, while the other players get off scot-free...until the next round, that is... GBP25.

Hair wand: Bad hair day? - never again with this clever hair wand that gives your hair vibrancy and volume. Just brush for two minutes and you'll release a stream of ions that smooth and tighten the cuticles' protective sheath, giving your hair a healthy, lustrous, just-conditioned look. GBP35.

Micro turbo twister: A four-wheeled remote controlled Turbo Twister is a crazy car with a fabulous personality. Just charge him up, set him down on your desk or on the floor and he's ready to race. His two front wheels operate from a propeller-like attachment, which allows him to do spectacular rolls and turns as he whizzes along. With forward and reverse function you'll find yourself fighting over who gets to drive next. Battery operated, the car is available on two different frequencies so that two people can do simultaneous stunts! GBP10

Racer: Life in the fast lane - forget Monaco, this micro track racing system will give children the thrill of the track in their own front room. Controlled by advanced technology, the small re-chargeable cars will run on and off track, chasing after one another across the carpet, under the table and narrowly avoiding the cat. The pit lane controls it all, through a futuristic-looking hand held controller with 18 programmable action keys that can transmit 48 independent instructions at any time. Manoeuvres available include wheelies, figure of eight spins and U turns. The X Trek starter pack including a single, remote -control car and controller costs GBP20.

Eyecam: Ultra small camera takes such sharp and clear pictures. With an 8Mb memory you can store as many as 80 shots - and preview the images on the 1.6" LCD screen. Download the images onto your PC in JPEGS, NTSC or PAL formats.

Functions include auto exposure and white balance, flash, zoom, self timer and a 20-30cm macro function, There's also a movie function, video conferencing and output, CD Rom, user manual, USB and Video Cables, as well as a carry pouch. A serious piece of kit which costs GBP100.

Now You Can Find It - The Sharper Image have finally saved us all from the endless games of hunt the keys and search for the TV remote. Just stick one of the receiver beeper discs onto anything that habitually goes walkabout, press the corresponding button on the locator base within 30 feet of the hidden object and it will beep at you until you track it down. Genius for GBP40.

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