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Say no to anti-semitism

Last updated: 2003-11-19

The Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks has warned that the suicide bombings on two Turkish Synagogues point to a global rise in antisemitism.  During an interview on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on Monday he drew attention to the fact that a new wave of attacks on Jews was going unchallenged and he demanded action from political and religious leaders worldwide.

"Radicals are preaching hate and nobody is protesting," he said.

The Chief Rabbi highlighted the agenda of extremist groups in targeting communities where Jews and Muslims had lived together in "peace and goodwill" for centuries. He said attacks on Jewish sites including schools, cemeteries and synagogues across Europe showed anti-Semitism was on the rise everywhere.

"There has been a global outpouring of hate in the last two to three years which has been quite devastating," he said.

"What we have here is a demonstration of Edmund Burke's famous statement that all it takes for evil to flourish is that good people say nothing.

The Chief Rabbi issued a plea that race hate should be policed and the perpetrators brought to court.

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