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SJ Super 7

by: Caroline Westbrook and Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2003-12-04

Matt Lucas, star of Little Britain

Matt Lucas as Daffyd in Little Britain

The seven most amazing things you will discover in Jewish life and culture.  This week: Jews on the cover of Time Out New York, Mitzi unveils her kosher sex toy and why Little Britain's Matt Lucas is the best Jewish comedian you will see on British TV.


1. Magazine cover of the decade: Time Out New York’s The New Superjews. Among the great and the good are Something Jewish favourite Adam Goldberg, and Jewish rap n’rollers Hip Hop Hoodios, with the tagline ‘Edgy young tastemakers are forging a hip new Jewish identity’.


2. Most essential Jewish book you still need to read: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated. The story of a young Jewish writer who goes to Russia to find out what happened to family members during the war, told in the voice of his Russian translator.


3. Sexiest Chanukah present press release? The Oyster device, an adult stimulation experience for women, sold by the mysterious Mitzi Getz at website The perfect gift for the forthcoming festival, apparently. Just don’t tell the Rabbi’s wife.


4. Must-have device for every Jew: The Bluetooth headset. Now that talking on a mobile phone while driving is illegal in the UK, the Bluetooth hands-free kit is an essential accessory for those Jews who can’t manage to drive two miles without making a call.


5. We saw him first: Jack Black is the Jewish Jim Carrey. SJ recently was invited to attend a very sneaky preview of the new film School Of Rock. Already a massive hit in the States, this film looks set to do the business when it opens in the UK next year, and will establish Jack, famous for Shallow Hal, High Fidelity and The Cable Guy, as a major Jewish star.


6. Big shout out to: The Chief Rabbi, for beating tons of other religious folks to win the Grawemeyer Award For Religion in the States, for his book The Dignity Of Difference. There’s been much speculation about what he may or may not do with the $200,000 prize, payable in equal instalments over five years. We just think he should enjoy himself and maybe treat wife Elaine to a new dress.


7. Most over-the-top Jew award: comedian Matt Lucas, one of the stars of the fab new BBC2 comedy sketch show Little Britain. Lucas plays a variety of characters (mainly female) on the show, which pokes fun at rural British life. His portrayal of Barbara Cartland-type characters and sulky teenagers is spot on, to say nothing of his gay character Daffyd, who is shocked to discover he is not the only homosexual in his tiny Welsh village.