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Attack in Istanbul

Last updated: 2003-11-17

At a meeting of the Board of Deputies yesterday, Board President Henry Grunwald QC condemned the appalling atrocity which took place in Istanbul on Saturday morning. In a coordinated attack, two synagogues were bombed whilst full of worshippers for the Shabbat morning service. The attacks resulted in the death of 23 people and wounded over 300.

In his address to the Board, Henry Grunwald said: "All of those who died, died as a result of an attack on people simply because they were Jews. If we allow ourselves to be deterred from carrying on our lives as Jews, these murderers will have won. If we allow ourselves to be terrorised by them, they will have won. To target Jews peacefully at prayer on Shabbat is an act of the greatest cowardice and depravity. Our hearts go out to all of the families of the victims, whether Jewish or non-Jewish."