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SJ Super 7

by: Leslie Bunder and Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2003-12-11

Chanukah knickers

Chanukah knickers

The seven most amazing things you will discover in Jewish life and culture.  This week: sexy Chanukah knickers, EastEnders gets Moody, and the most unlikely kosher find you’ll ever discover in a supermarket – filled croissants.


1. Only in America: SJ’s new favourite film The Hebrew Hammer made its debut on cable channel Comedy Central this week (prior to a limited cinema release across America next weekend). The film, which stars Adam Goldberg as a Orthodox superfly guy, has received much critical acclaim for its positive portrayal of Jews. If only we could get Comedy Central here.


2. Jewish sporting hero (sort of) Ben Cohen: It doesn’t matter how distant his connection to the Jewish people may be, but rugby star Ben is certainly one of us, and even though his great great great great grandfather may have married out, if Ben ever wants to come back into the fold, he’ll surely get a warm welcome.


3. 100 Not Out award: big congratulations to former Daily Mirror picture editor Simon Clyne, who celebrated his 100th birthday this week at seniors home Nightingale House with a special lunch and a telegram from the Queen.


4. Must have techno-gizmo: The Dell Latitude 300. This wireless marvel offers ultra-portable computing power combined with wireless access to the Internet, which means you don’t need to be next to a phoneline to use it. Plus it’s easy to use and very lightweight. It’ll set you back around £2000 with all the bells and whistles, but hey, you’re supporting a good company founded by Texan Jew Michael Dell. Click here to find out more.


5. Most unusual kosher find: chocolate-filled mini-croissants from a Spanish company called Mildred Pasteleria have full-on endorsement from the French Beth Din. And you can buy them in Somerfield (or at least, the Brentford, Middlesex branch). Breakfast is fun again!


6. Getting your knickers in a twist: The people who gave you trendy Yo Semite baseball shirts, are now offering Chanukah knickers for $12 a pair, emblazoned with letters from the dreidel on the front. Could these be the sauciest Chanukah gift ever? Available from


7. Fagin’s back in the East End: veteran actor Ron Moody, who starred as the infamous character in the film of Oliver!, made his debut on EastEnders this week as a mate of Dot Cotton’s husband Jim Branning. EastEnders has been rather shy of featuring Jewish actors of late – will Moody start a trend?