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SomethingJewish Show

Last updated: 2003-12-12

The SomethingJewish Show

The SomethingJewish Show

Londoners and those connected to the internet will be able to listen to the capital's first weekly Jewish show on the FM frequency in nearly five years, as leading UK Jewish website SomethingJewish ( takes to the air on 104.4fm from Sunday December 21.

Broadcasting on London's first radio art station Resonance 104.4fm, The SomethingJewish Show will go out each and every Sunday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm on Resonance104.4fm and on the internet at

A mixture of arts and entertainment, The SomethingJewish Show will feature the best Jewish performers around, details of the best events in town to catch Jewish arts and entertainment and will also seek to showcase new and unsigned Jewish talent.

With a diverse Jewish playlist featuring Jewish artists, artists who have a Jewish connection or artists that are inspired by Jewish influences, The SomethingJewish Show aims to appeal to anyone who is looking for something fresh in the Jewish arts world.

"Whether it is playing Terry Hall's (ex Specials, Fun Boy Three) latest album that has a Jewish flavour, or featuring some of the Yiddish music from yesteryear, The SomethingJewish Show aims to offer a flavour of the vibrant Jewish arts scene and those who are involved in it," says SomethingJewish editor Leslie Bunder and co-presenter of the new radio show. "As well as covering traditional music such as Klezmer, we will also play other eclectic sounds, the important thing is that if it is being performed and interesting than we will broadcast it."

"We're very happy to offer SomethingJewish a regular slot in our schedule, which aims to reflect the incredible richness of London's cultural life. We think this will be a really exciting collaboration." said Station Programmer Ed Baxter.

As well as music, The SomethingJewish Show also plans to feature comedy and will also be doing interviews with performers.

"In one hour each week, we will offer the essential selection of Jewish arts," Bunder added. "Give us 60 minutes and we will give you all the Jews fit for broadcast!"

SomethingJewish is inviting listeners to interact with the show. The e-mail address is: