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Chanukah stamp

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2003-12-18

Specal Chanukah stamp

Chanukah stamp from the States

If like me, you have friends and relatives in the States, chances are during the holiday season you may get a card or letter from them.

And if you decide to look at the stamp on the envelope then you will be in for a big surprise - if you look carefully you could find they have used a special Chanukah stamp. Yes, the US Postal Service has issued a series of stamps marking Chanukah, EID, Kwanzaa  as well as traditional Christmas.

I don't know if this is the first year they have done it, but getting the envelope with the Chanukah stamp on it certainly brought a smile to my face and indeed it is something we should all welcome.
I don't usually spend much attention looking at the stamp nor the postal mark especially as these days, most of my communication is done via e-mail, but getting a greeting with this special Chanukah stamp made my day.
By acknowledging diverse community groups, whether they are Jewish, Muslim, Black or Christian, the US Postal Service has provided stamps that these groups can use and indeed send to friends and family. Of course, maybe next year they will do ones for Hindus and Sikhs, but it is certainly a start in the right direction of integrating and respecting each group and their faith as well as culture.
How long before the Royal Mail does something similar here in the UK?
Maybe next year for Rosh Hashanah we could see a special Jewish New Year stamp?
It will certainly be a step in the right direction here as when buying a stamp,  you could choose to get a stamp that reflects a certain culture or faith and event in their calendar. 

Doing small initiatives like this, can help and foster better understanding between communities especially as when people see the stamp they can ask about it and discover more about that culture or faith.